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Technical Resources for Outcropping

Outcropping by Rosetta is a big wetcast concrete product, but that doesn't need to translate to a big intimidation factor. Use the wealth of technical resources below - like the installation manual, preliminary height guides, wall layout app, and more - to get started designing and installing Outcropping.

Outcropping Technical Tools

Make designing an Outcropping wall easier with the Wall Layout App and Preliminary Height Guides.


Construction Details

Bottom Row Block Installation DWG, PDF

Concrete Backfill - Typical Section DWG, PDF

Drain Options - Typical Reinforcement Wall Details DWG, PDF

Gravity Wall - Typical Section DWG, PDF

Railing - Typical Section DWG, PDF

Reinforced Wall - Typical Section DWG, PDF

Seawall Detail DWG, PDF

Step Installation - Typical Section DWG, PDF

Strap Connection - Typical Detail DWG, PDF

Specifications & Data Sheets

Outcropping Information Sheet

Outcropping Specifications PDF, Word DOC *UPDATED*

Freestanding Outcropping Information Sheet

Freestanding Outcropping Specifications PDF, Word DOC *NEW*

Schematic Rosetta Blocks DWG, PDF


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