From Our Family to Yours

As a third-generation family business that values making time to care, our goal is to help you create beautiful outdoor spaces where you'll build beautiful memories with your family.

About Rosetta Hardscapes

In addition to making time to care, Rosetta Hardscapes values leading the way and not giving up. These values shape the work that we do every single day.

Lead the Way

We take initiative to establish the future of our company and industries, for the good of our customers and stakeholders. We "make it better" by leading and being led, and by pursuing sound new ideas.

Don't Give Up

When work becomes difficult we trust it's because it's work worth doing. We approach each endeavor with tenacity - no matter the challenge, we don't give up.

Make Time to Care

Life and work are a gift. Therefore, we don't define people by what they can achieve or produce. We reject the idea that being constantly busy is the best way to live. Instead, we generously attend to the needs of our families, coworkers, and customers.

Rosetta Hardscapes Commitment... Homeowners

We know that the families we serve strive to maintain an attractive and inviting home, and that includes what's outside your home. We're committed to making the best-looking hardscape materials possible so that families might better enjoy their homes. Contractors and Designers

We know that excellent landscape contractors and designers appreciate quality and attention to detail, so we strive to provide easily installed products and tools to help you love your work, for any project of any scale.

Rosetta Hardscapes Manufacturer Network

Rosetta Hardscapes is produced throughout the world by a network of licensed manufacturers. These manufacturers follow detailed specifications using a wetcast forming system to create consistent hardscape products with beautiful textures and bold dimensions. They distribute Rosetta Hardscapes products throughout their territory by partnering with landscape suppliers and dealers.

Connect With Your Manufacturer

Our Family's History in Business

Third generation of Manthei business owners

The third generation of the Manthei family manages most of the businesses in the portfolio, and the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep. It can be traced back to Constance Manthei who started a successful aster flower growing business in the early 1900s. Her sons, Ted and Ernie Manthei, went on to farm strawberries.

In search of cost savings, the brothers purchased a machine to build their own berry baskets from which Manthei Veneer was born. From there, Manthei Construction began as a heavy construction company that later evolved into Redi-Rock, a large-scale retaining wall solution.

Launched in 2007, Rosetta Hardscapes was born from members of the Manthei family wanting to offer something new--a hardscape product line that would replicate natural stone in a beautiful and accurate way.

Rosetta Hardscapes is one of the proven, licensable business opportunities offered by Aster Brands. Aster Brands provides forms, molds, equipment, and support for concrete manufacturers to build or expand their businesses around the world.

Other businesses in The Manthei Group include:

  • Pole Base, a precast light pole base system for the site lighting industry

  • Sky Valley Resorts, hot-spring focused RV and vacation home resorts in Southern California

  • Arizona Oasis, an RV and vacation home resort nestled on the Colorado River

  • Beards Brewery, a microbrewery in Michigan

  • Techniply, a specialty plywood manufacturing company