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Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the hardscapes industry, we know that you have what it takes to create beautiful landscapes. If you're building walls, steps, patios or firepits, here are the technical resources that you need to design and install any Rosetta product like a boss.

Patio and Retaining Wall Design and Installation Tools

Rosetta Hardscapes cleverly-engineered system provides not only the look of natural stone by using wetcast concrete, but it also provides technical resources to design and install the products, getting you the "Wow!" your finished work deserves. Every. Single. Time.

Technical Guide

A handy resource to reference while you're designing a project or to keep in your truck on the job site, the Rosetta Technical Guide has installation instructions, layout patterns, construction details and more.

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Resources by Product

While the Technical Guide is a great go-to resource, it's not the only information we have on the Rosetta product line. If you're looking to go a bit more in-depth with one product in particular, check out our additional resources by product. Depending on the product, you'll find construction details, additional drawings, and specifications.

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Outcropping Layout App

If you design or sell Rosetta Outcropping walls, our free Wall Layout App will save you time and money by helping you layout your walls before installation, calculate pallet quantities, and add layouts to your site plan.

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Preliminary Wall Sections

The International Building Code requires all retaining walls over 4 feet to be designed by a professional engineer, but if you're looking for general construction guidelines for building walls with Rosetta, look no further!

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Commercial Idea Book

When it comes to what's possible with Rosetta, sometimes seeing is believing. Download the Commercial Idea Book to view case studies, photos, and resources that will help you take your next commercial project from idea to actuality!

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