Technical Resources for Grand Ledge

Grand Ledge has the look of giant, snapped limestone rocks, but it has the feel of a manufactured product because it comes with a wealth of technical resources. Check out the resources below to help create the look your customer is after while simultaneously creating the efficiency you are after!

Grand Ledge Technical Tools

Make designing a Grand Ledge wall easier with the Preliminary Wall Sections.

Construction Details

Double 90 Degree / Abutted Structure PDF | DWG

90 Degree Outside Corner PDF | DWG

Concrete Backfill - Typical Section PDF | DWG

Curves & Minimum Radii PDF | DWG

Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Wall - Typical Section PDF | DWG

Gravity Wall - Typical Section PDF | DWG

Reinforced Wall - Typical Section PDF | DWG

Typical Toe Slope Detail with Chart PDF | DWG

Seawall Detail PDF | DWG

Specifications and Data Sheets

Grand Ledge Specifications PDF | Word

Schematic Block Drawings PDF | DWG

Freestanding Schematic Block Drawings PDF | DWG

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