Designing Your Dream Backyard Space: A Complete How-To Guide

Adding an outdoor living space or renovating an existing patio? Make a potentially challenging process a lot easier with the help of our suite of planning tools.

Why Invest in Hardscapes?

Investing in hardscapes for your home isn’t just a lifestyle upgrade, it’s also a smart financial move. Real estate experts estimate that 95% of the cost of a new patio is recovered when the home is sold.* Not only will you get years of enjoyment from your outdoor space, but you’ll also increase your home’s street appeal and resale value if you ever choose to sell.

No matter your motivation, it’s reassuring to know that your investment in the backyard of your dreams offers more than just a great place for your family to enjoy. If you need more convincing that maximizing your basic backyard makes dollars and sense, we’ve got you covered.

*National Association of REALTORS® Research Group's 2023 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features

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How Do I Find My Design Style?

Your outdoor space should be much more than simply an extension of your home. It should be your oasis. This doesn’t mean it needs to be a tropical paradise – it just needs to include the features you love and will use.

Whether you’re in the idea phase or ready to start looking for a contractor, our style guide breaks down the process of designing an outdoor living space and making it truly yours. And because lead times for contractors can be long, the sooner you get started the closer you are to getting the most out of your backyard.

Find Your Style

How Do I Find the Right Contractor?

Searching for the right hardscape contractor near you can be frustrating and time-consuming. From availability to unreliability, you may need to connect with multiple contractors before you land on someone you trust for your outdoor living space project.

That’s why we’ve put together Eight Tips to Find Your Next Outdoor Living Contractor – including how to vet installers, how (and why) to check references, and how to build out a reasonable timeline that works for both of you.

Finding Your Contractor

How Do I Create a Budget?


Building a budget can feel intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be.

Early on, it’s important to determine the maximum dollar amount you’re comfortable spending. But without more information, it can be challenging to identify if what you want to spend works with what you want to get. For example, you might be wondering – what do typical backyard remodels cost? How much do other homeowners allocate for their patio budgets? Where can you save money on your project?

We’ve set out to make your backyard project budgeting as simple as possible. Consult our comprehensive budgeting checklist so you can more effectively bring your vision and your budget together.

Build Your Budget