Video: The Belvedere Collection by Rosetta

This video highlights the Belvedere Collection by Rosetta. The look of stratified weathered stone is packaged in a cleverly engineered system, making projects easier to bid and faster to install than natural stone. Watch the video to see why Belvedere's coordinating wall, corner, column, caps, and fire features will help you love your work.


The Belvedere Collection is a fast easy to use, and attractive wall system that offers a natural stone texture on both the front and back surface of each unit. It's multiple sizes and consistent packaging makes projects easier to bid, faster to install, and creates less waste than natural stone. This versatile product line is engineerable and allows for freestanding seat walls, columns, and structural retaining walls. Available in 8 sizes with 64 unique stone faces the Belvedere Collection allows for a very random, natural look.

The Belvedere Collection is broken up into multiple elements that offer a complete engineered project solution. The three primary elements include wall, corner, and coping blocks. The wall blocks are finished on the front and back and are used to make freestanding seat walls and structural retaining walls. The corner blocks are finished on three sides and are used to create columns, 90 degree or wall corners, step returns, and finished ends. The coping blocks and column caps add the finishing touches to the top of a wall or column.

Rosetta offers many tools to help you throughout your planning and installation process including an extensive library of technical guides, installation patterns, and engineering support. For your next project, consider Belvedere for faster installation, engineerability, and unmatched beauty.

Choose Rosetta and let us help you love your work.

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