Knowledge Is Power

When it comes to creating a lasting impression with your customers, Rosetta wants to make sure you have not just wetcast products that pop, but also the knowledge you need. After all, knowledge is power. Download the Technical Guide to discover the power of Rosetta.

Download the Technical Guide

Technical Guide for Designing & Installing Rosetta

The Rosetta Technical Guide has all of the information you’ll need for designing and installing any Rosetta product. Download a copy to have with you on every job site!

Installation Instructions

From a pre-construction checklist to step-by-step installation instructions, the Technical Guide will coach you through installing Rosetta products.

Layout Patterns

Looking for an easy to follow layout pattern? Look no further than the Technical Guide, which provides install patterns for Rosetta products.

Typical Cross-Sections

Curious how much compacted sand and gravel you’ll need when installing one of our slab products? No problem. View typical cross-sections in the Technical Guide.

Construction Details

Are you creating a pillar with Kodah? Or, in search of the curve radius for a Belvedere wall. Find construction details in the Technical Guide.

Block Specs

When you’re looking for the nitty-gritty details of a particular product, our block specs in the Technical Guide are the place to go.

Packaging Details

The clever engineering of the Rosetta product line goes all the way to how each product is packaged. See exactly what comes on each pallet in the Technical Guide.

What are you waiting for? Get the resources you need to get your next Rosetta project to the finished “Wow, great job!” result you’re after.

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Download the Technical Guide

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