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Outcropping Preliminary Height Guides

Rosetta Hardscapes has prepared detailed cross-sections for walls in a range of assumed conditions.

Three simple drop-down menus allow you to select wall type, soil type, and loading conditions.

Once you have selected all three items, this page returns a series of walls over a range of heights that match your selections. Cross-section drawings in AutoCad and PDF format and a copy of the backup calculations are provided for your use. These design aids do not replace the need for final wall design by a registered Professional Engineer.

Step 1

Non-reinforced Gravity Wall
  • Up to 6' Tall in Some Cases
  • Stability from Mass of Blocks
  • Simplest to Install
  • Most Economical

Step 2

C.I.P. Concrete Back Filled Wall
  • Up to 9' Tall in Some Cases
  • Extra Concrete Mass at Bottom of Wall
  • Economical Construction
  • Requires Less Excavation Behind The Wall Than Reinforced Walls
  • Taller Walls Achievable - Call Us For Details

Step 3

Reinforced Wall
  • Charts Calculated to 15'
  • Soil Reinforced with Geogrid
  • Provides Tallest Wall Sections
  • Taller Walls Achievable - Call Us For Details



Step 2 of 3

Step 2 provides the opportunity to select between some general soil types.

General descriptions and an assumed internal angle of friction are provided for different soils. Care must be taken in this step. Soil determination should be performed by a person trained to evaluate soils as the selection of the internal soil strength has an important impact on wall analysis calculations.

Step 3 of 3

Step 3 provides the opportunity to select flat areas, traffic loads, or slopes on the top of the wall.

Note that sections with a slope at the bottom, or toe, of the wall are not analyzed here. A toe slope condition needs to be carefully analyzed based on detailed site conditions.


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