How to Care for Rosetta Pavers in Winter

Metal snow shovels and snow blower blades can pose a risk of damaging concrete surfaces. When clearing snow from Rosetta Hardscapes products, it is recommended to use plastic blades or guards on snowplows, snow blowers, and shovels. The use of de-icing salts is discouraged, as it can cause damage to the concrete. Please note that damage resulting from snow removal, de-icing, or improper loading is not covered under the Rosetta Hardscapes warranty.

Winter Maintenance FAQ

Should I use de-icing salts on my concrete pavers?

  • Repeated use of salts can lead to spalling and cracking, diminishing the lifespan of concrete pavers.
  • Employ methods like prompt snow shoveling and the use of abrasives (e.g., sand) to prevent ice formation.

What are the options I have for preserving my pavers?

  • Consider incorporating hydronic or electric heating systems beneath concrete pavers for snow prevention, eliminating the need for shoveling.
  • Apply sealant to concrete paving stones as a preventative step.