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Outcropping Wall Weathers Harsh Great Lakes

Homeowner chooses the natural look and durability of Rosetta Outcropping to upgrade his shoreline on Lake Michigan


With heavy wind, waves, and ice from Lake Michigan, homeowner Steve Hutchinson needed a stable retaining wall solution to bring his landscape upgrades to fruition, and Rosetta Outcropping fit the bill.

As he contemplated the project, Hutchinson admired a nearby wall that used Rosetta Outcropping, and he was leaning in that direction. "I think the product is outstanding," he said. "It's beautiful."

Once he knew that Outcropping - made of wetcast concrete with natural stone textures -- wasn't just a pretty face of the wall, but also a large block solution that could be engineered to withstand the harsh weather that hits the shoreline during seasonal changes in Northern Michigan, he knew it was the right product for his project.

To construct the retaining wall Team Elmer's built a cofferdam to hold back water, allowing them to dig below the waterline. At the time, Elmer's set the base course of the wall on a gravel foundation two feet below the waterline, but it's currently about four feet below the surface due to increasing water levels.

After three rows of Rosetta Outcropping blocks were stacked, the design called for a four-foot-by-two-foot section of concrete backfill that was tied into the product with rebar. Two more rows were stacked before the crew poured another section of concrete backfill.

"If our wall moves from ice or something, we better be moving out of this country because it's bad. The world is coming to an end if my wall moves," said Hutchinson.

The concrete backfill design used on Hutchinson's property is a common solution for retaining walls throughout the Great Lakes, able to hold off the big waves and icy conditions.

"We haven't had a lot of ice damage with the front of the stone chipping or anything, and we haven't had any movement or anything in it, so yeah, I'm very pleased [with the performance of the wall]," said Hutchinson.

Since building the wall in 2015, Hutchinson has moved forward with other landscape upgrades using Rosetta products, including several other retaining walls, as well as a patio with a fire pitsteps, and walkways.


Manufacturer: Highformat (Rosetta of Michigan) Installer: Team Elmer's Case: 035 - Rosetta of Michigan Outcropping Wall



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