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Your New Mission: Invite As Many Friends Over As Possible

When you add a New Mission patio or driveway, you'll be tempted to invite as many friends over as possible to enjoy it with you. Whether they're your furry friends or your human friends, they'll be happy they have a place to relax and enjoy your company. Their mission will be to get invited back!

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New Mission: Cobblestone Patio Pavers

The smaller surface area and cobblestone textures of New Mission patio pavers will transport you to an elegant Italian veranda or a courtyard in Napa without the ancient, uneven surface. From walkways and driveways to poolside and patios, New Mission gives your outdoor space a striking presence.

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Wetcast Can Weather the Elements

New Mission pavers, made of wetcast concrete, are durable in freeze thaw cycles. That means you don't have to worry about what they'll look like when the snow melts.

Cobble without the Wobble

The consistent 2.75-inch (70-millimeter) thickness of New Mission pavers expedites the install process, and the end result will be an even walking or driving surface. Looking for a permeable paver? Check out Old Mission pavers.


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