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Get Your Modern Patio Squared Away with Miros

You won't be accused of being square, just squared away with a hip, modern concrete patio. The big, bold, stylish squares in your Miros patio will provide the perfect place to entertain.

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Miros: Modern Patio Slab

At 3.5 by 3.5 feet (1 by 1 meter), Miros are the largest manufactured patio slabs you can find in the hardscapes market. The large, clean dimensions and linear quality will make your modern patio an eye catcher.

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Fill the Void

Meant to be installed with a 4-inch (102-millimeter) gap between each slab, what's between your Miros slabs will say as much about your style as the slabs themselves. Fill the voids with grass, moss, stones, or accent pavers for the look and feel you like.

QuickInstall Surface Area Surplus

With a really large surface area and hefty weight for each slab, your contractor will use machinery for the install. That means you get to start using your new patio faster than with hand-laid pavers. 


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