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For Big, Bold, First Impressions

When you're looking to make a big, bold, first impression with your landscaping, Kodah is up to the task. At first glance, the impression of snapped limestone will create a bold, modern look for your freestanding, retaining, or garden wall. And, it'll create a big, lasting impression, too!

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Kodah Wall: Snapped Limestone Look

Kodah freestanding, retaining, or garden walls provide a big, bold backdrop for your backyard. The large dimensions, subtle character, and clean lines of snapped limestone allow your time with family and friends to take center stage.

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QuickInstall Snappier than Stone Install

Consistent block heights and large dimensions make install of this manufactured concrete product a snap for your contractor, so your project stays on time (and on budget).

Larger than Life

Yes, it's big, but it's still lively. With four lengths and the ability to curve your wall, Kodah won't fall flat.


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