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Make a Grand Entrance

Whether you're leading people up to your home, out to the backyard, or down to the lake, Irregular Steps create the grand entrance your space and the people who visit it deserve. Why settle for an ordinary welcome when grand is an option?

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Irregular Steps: Natural Stone

From 3.5 to 6-feet (1 to 1.8-meters) wide, Irregular Steps have the varied appearance of natural stone steps with a bit more engineering behind them. Manufactured from wetcast concrete with rich stone textures and a choice of color, they'll blend right into the natural landscape. 

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COLOR_SEARCH Irregular Steps

Baby Steps

Available in 5.5 or 7-inch (140 or 178-millimeter) rise, Irregular Steps can accommodate your taste--or your leg length. Turn a steep slope into a leisurely stroll, even for little ones moving just beyond baby steps.

No Waste Install

With product measurements available from the get-go, your installer can break out some basic geometry to calculate just how many steps you'll need. No waste and no extra costs for more materials. 


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