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Traditional & Timeless

Want to have your yard landscaped once in your lifetime? Dimensional Wall is the way to go with its traditional appeal and timeless sophistication. In a few years, you'll still be enjoying your stone garden wall, not wishing you had the money to update it.

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Dimensional Wall: Stone Garden Wall

With a consistent size and organic aesthetic, Dimensional Walls complement most any landscaping style. Paired with brick or perched beside cedar, Dimensional Wall is a great option to add some height to your hardscapes. The hand-hewn stone textures made with wetcast concrete are perfect for a traditional garden wall or contemporary outdoor kitchen.

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COLOR_SEARCH Dimensional Wall

Color Outside the (Straight) Lines

Customization without hesitation is possible for your contractor. An engineered wedge block makes curves in your wall fluid, and the flexibility in concrete color compared to quarried stone means you get exactly what you want.

Satisfy Any Style

From Modern to Mediterranean, the classic look of Dimensional Wall fits well with a variety of landscaping styles and other Rosetta products.


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