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Heat Your Backyard Up A Bit

As a chill enters the air, give yourself a reason to keep enjoying the great outdoors. A Dimensional Fire Pit Kit will heat up your backyard and lure you into more time outside, away from all the distractions inside.

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Dimensional Fire Pit Kit: Square Stone

The 44-inch by 44-inch (1,118-millimeter by 1,118-millimeter) square Dimensional Fire Pit Kit provides a classic stone fire pit to match most any landscaping aesthetic. The wetcast concrete blocks look like chiseled limestone, and the steel insert keeps the fire right where you want it.

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COLOR_SEARCH Dimensional Fire Pit Kit

Upgrade from Sticks & Stones

The polished look of a Dimensional Fire Pit Kit provides a crisp, clean upgrade from the circle of stones and smattering of sticks you remember from your childhood campfires.

Strike a Match, Or Don't

Strike a match to start your backyard bonfire, or opt for the gas insert to ease your firestarting woes.


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