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A Chip Off the Ol' Block

Outline your yard's distinction with a classic Claremont wall. With an edgy texture and chiseled appearance, you'll get the feeling that it's a chip off the ol' block...a limestone block that is.

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Claremont: Chiseled Limestone Walls

Claremont's crisp, chiseled stone texture is indistinguishable from a dry-stacked natural snapped limestone wall. With classic linear proportions, elegant outdoor living is just around the corner from your new freestanding seat wall or retaining garden wall.

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Stacks Up Against the Competition

Claremont's consistent 4-inch (102 millimeter) height across 18 and 24-inch (457 and 610-millimeter) lengths mean it's easy to stack for a quicker and sturdier install than natural stone's irregular dimensions.

Double Sided for Style that Sticks

Stick with the double-sided texture of Claremont for seamless transitions between retaining and freestanding walls. While you're at it, add some panache with a column made of corner blocks to cap off the look.


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