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You may already have a well-defined idea of the style of the outdoor living space you’d like to create. If so, you’re ahead of the game! But if you’re like the rest of us, refining our patio vision can be a little intimidating when faced with so many layout, product, color, and feature options.

A good place to start your style considerations is your home’s architecture, which should set the tone for the patio design you choose.

Envision how you plan to utilize your new space, and specifically, how many people you’ll entertain at a time.

Consider browsing online resources like product and contractor websites and idea sites like Pinterest, VRBO, and Airbnb.

Take the time you need and follow your heart with your style decisions since hardscape projects are long-term enhancements to your home.

Respect Your Home’s Architecture.

Your home’s architecture should play a big role in your patio design style. Do you own a traditional residence like a Cape Cod or Craftsman? Timeless components like planting beds and fireplaces in subtle hues might be good fits. How about something more contemporary like an Art Deco or Midcentury Modern? You might be looking for a water feature or outdoor kitchen created with straight lines and bold shades. Or does your home feature a more rustic look like a log home or Western ranch style? A fire feature circled with irregular slabs and pavers in earthy colors may complement this home style.

Let Expected Use Help Determine the Size.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in colors, textures, and features while forgetting one of the most important style considerations – your patio’s size. Now is the time to envision how you plan to utilize your new space, and specifically, how many people you’ll entertain at a time. Just your immediate family? A handful of friends? The whole neighborhood? Your new outdoor space should be stylish AND practical. Its capabilities should reflect your needs today and your vision for tomorrow.

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Recall Your Favorite Vacation.

Vacations are fantastic for many reasons. They allow us to unwind and leave (most of) our worries behind for a bit. They’re also wonderful times for inspiration to strike. Let’s use this to help you envision your new outdoor space. Think about your favorite vacation. Why was it so memorable? Was it the food? Was it the sights and sounds of water flowing or a crackling fire? Was it relaxing with family and a drink in your hand? These questions will help point you toward your dream backyard that will not only bring back memories of a special time but serve as the perfect place to make many more. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy reliving a great vacation?!?

Find Your Inspiration on the Web.

The Internet is a treasure trove of ideas so time spent browsing a few resources will be well spent. Idea compilation websites like Houzz and Pinterest are excellent sources of inspiration. Patio product sites like Rosetta Hardscapes offer style suggestions. Contractor and landscape architect websites often include expansive project portfolios of their work. Finally, consider browsing vacation rental websites like Airbnb and VRBO. These sites’ filter functions can help you find home styles similar to yours and can help inspire your outdoor space’s look and feel.

Follow Your Heart.

Patio projects are passion projects. Few home improvement efforts can capture and showcase your personal style more than a hardscape design. Hardscape projects done right aren’t inexpensive and should last a long time so don’t approach it like choosing the paint color of your kitchen or the fixtures in your half bath. Whether you opt for a sleek and modern look or a cozy and rustic feel, the key is to create a space that reflects your personality and the feeling you want your home to offer, without compromise.

Your patio should be the place you can’t wait to get to and don’t want to leave so be willing to spend a little time on your visioning process. By keeping functionality, aesthetics, and your personal preferences in mind, your patio will become a beautiful extension of your living space, bringing joy and helping you make cherished memories for years to come.

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