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Don't Be Afraid to Heat the Outdoors

Even warm summer evenings can be improved with a flickering flame, so don't be afraid to heat the outdoors. An outdoor fireplace from Rosetta Hardscapes brings the best parts about cozying up by the fireplace into your backyard.

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Outdoor Fireplaces - A Place for Fellowship

When you want to encourage fellowship, give people a place to get comfortable like an outdoor fireplace. Rosetta Hardscapes outdoor fireplaces provide not only a focal point for outdoor living, but a place for everyone to gather, get warm, and get to know each other better.

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Need a little bit more help imagining how an outdoor fireplace could change your view?

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Ambiance Included

You won't have to try hard to create a place to get cozy with an outdoor fireplace by Rosetta. Whether you pick the wood-burning or gas conversion kit, the ambiance is included, and it radiates!

QuickInstall Quicker Install

While each stone looks like it was stacked by hand, Rosetta Hardscapes fireplaces come in kits that are easy for your landscape contractor to install so that you're stoking the fire sooner!


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