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Walk This Way

Don't just walk. Walk with style. Walk with grace. Walk with presence. Walk with purpose. Walk on a flagstone walkway or path made from pavers or slabs in the Rosetta product line to bring a bit more pep in your step.

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Flagstone Walkways to Enhance Your Hardscaping

Looking for an alternative to a plain sidewalk? Flagstone walkways by Rosetta enhance not only your hardscaping but also the experience you have around your yard. Lead guests to the water's edge in style and welcome the kids home from school with spirit on a flagstone walkway created with care.

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Need a little bit more help imagining how a flagstone walkway could enhance your hardscaping?

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Meander More

You don't always have to get from point A to point B in the fastest way possible. Stop rushing and start enjoying the way a Rosetta flagstone walkway or path invites you to meander more.

Sans Sidewalk Gray

Did we mention Rosetta paver and slab products come in colors besides boring sidewalk gray? Well, they do! Find a product you like and use the "Get Local Colors" function to see what colors are available near you. 


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