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Create a Centerpiece for Conversation

Not only will your Claremont Fireplace stand out as the talk of the neighborhood at over 9-feet (3-meters) tall, it will also be the centerpiece around which you'll share meaningful conversations with your neighbors. So slow down, invite them over, and enjoy the dialogue.

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Claremont Fireplace: Limestone Fireplace Kit

A Claremont Fireplace, with its chiseled limestone texture, adds distinguished character to your outdoor living room. Manufactured from high-grade concrete and steel, it will be the perfect fixture for outdoor entertaining for years to come.

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No Need for Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is overrated when it comes to sitting around the fire. With the chimney to funnel away the smoke, you can sit tight next to your Claremont Fireplace, soak in its warmth, and focus on your friends.

Custom Look, Kit Budget

The Claremont Fireplace Kit comes in five masonry pieces to save time on labor compared to individually stacked stones. Your budget will thank you, and your guests will still think it's custom!


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