We understand. As a contractor, it's really hard to find labor right now. That's why we want to help do some of the work for you! 

The Rosetta Hardscapes Pre-Planned Patio Designs were created to help you give your customer exactly what they want, without having to put in the extra design time. Each patio comes with multiple upgrade options, and you can further customize the products with any of the Rosetta Hardscapes products. The Design Guide will walk you through how much product you need for each design, and instructions on how to install. 

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How to get a pre-planned patio: 

You're probably wondering how to get your hands on one of these handy patios, and It's really this simple: 
how to get a patio kit-pick your design with customer

Pick out a patio design with your customer

How to get a patio kit-order product from your local dealer

Order the product from your local dealer

How to get pre-planned patio- install the patio

Install patio, wow your customer!

Rustic & Formal Patios

Rustic Patio

Rustic Patio Designs to make installation easy

A round patio says family, community, s'mores, and summer nights. For your customers that appreciate a more laid-back backyard, consider showing them the Rustic Patio options. Each rustic option features Grand Flagstone slabs, Belvedere Walls, and Fire Pit Kits for a real stone feel that you won't find in any other hardscape line.

Formal Patio

Formal Patio designs to make installation easy

Not only does a square patio mean a formal, chic look for your customer, it means straight-forward installation for you and your team. The Formal Patio options in our new design book feature Kodah Walls, Dimensional Flagstone slabs, and the Rosetta Square Fire Pit, for visually striking lines with as little concrete cutting possible.

In need of some more resources?

Don't worry—your life just got a little bit easier! With our new Pre-Planned Patio Design Guide and Tech Guide, selling and installing your customer's dream patio will be more like completing a life-sized puzzle than work. With these simple, complete resources at your fingertips, you can bid, sell, and install patio after patio with Rosetta, without spending any extra time estimating and designing. Our products are easy to install and look more like natural stone than any other man-made product you can find, making Rosetta the premier hardscape option for you and your customers! The patio designs are labeled as "rustic" and "formal" because some of your customers will want an informal curvy design, and others will want a more sleek aesthetic. Both sets include a range of options to cater to various budgets. There's a patio for everyone!

Contact your local manufacturer for pricing and color options! 

Pre-designed patio to landscape your backyard

The Pre-Planned Patio Brochure is a perfect tool for you to use to peak the interest of homeowners in your area. You can download a web version, or contact your local dealer for hard copies.

Pre-planned patio designs to help contractors sell more jobs

Our Pre-Planned Patio Design Guide can help with layouts, installation diagrams, construction tips, and an expense calculator!
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Click here if you would like the metric guide

Technical details to make rosetta products easier to use

Everything you need to know about Rosetta products and Installation is right here in the Tech Guide, and you can download it right now! 
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Rustic Patio: Option A 

Rustic Patio Designs to make installation easy

This Rustic Patio is 250 square feet of space, perfect for hanging out by the fire and roast s'mores all night long!
Imperial CAD file: DWG
Metric CAD file: DWG

Rustic Patio: Option B

Rustic Patio Designs to make installation easy
This Rustic Patio is 425 square feet and expands the patio's footprint to give your customers more room for entertaining while making the most out of their backyards! With room for a fire pit and a dining set, this patio is a snap to install and easy on your customer's budget.
Imperial CAD file: DWG
Metric CAD file: DWG

Rustic Patio: Option C

Rustic Patio Designs to make installation easy

Consider Option C your Rustic "bells and whistles" offering. At 425 square feet, this fully-loaded design moves the focal point of the project from the Fire Pit to the Belvedere Fire Place, a feature that will inspire your customer without frustrating your installation crew.
Imperial CAD file: DWG
Metric CAD file: DWG

Formal Patio: Option A 

Formal Patio designs to make installation easy

This 200 square foot design will give any home owner a luxurious feeling patio with a gorgeous Square Fire Pit as the focal point! 
Imperial CAD file: DWG
Metric CAD file: DWG

Formal Patio: Option B 

ormal Patio designs to make installation easy
This 400 square foot option extends the surface area of the Formal patio so that your customer can dream a little bit bigger about their weekend plans. With the impressive look and no-nonsense installation of the Kodah wall, you'll be your customer's hero without having to spend your weekend installing hardscape.
Imperial CAD file: DWG
Metric CAD file: DWG

Formal Patio: Option C

ormal Patio designs to make installation easy

The Party Patio. The Whole Shebang. This is a patio designed to wow. Formal Option C features an elegant Claremont Fireplace and patterned Dimensional Flagstone slabs. The fireplace is comprised of 5 large, precast pieces, for fast and easy installation.
Imperial CAD file: DWG
Metric CAD file: DWG

What do users have to say?

Rosetta's Pre-Planned Patios have already made an impact on homeowners who want a statement piece and who love entertaining! What makes them ever better? They save time and money because of their quick installation. Check out what this contractor has to say about our new Pre-Planned Patio Designs!

"I think the predesigned package is going to allow you to sell to your customer quicker, more efficiently, and I think they’re going to love the results because it goes in very easy."


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