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Rosetta Landscape Makeover

PROJECT NAME: Sungurov Residence Landscape

CUSTOMER NAME: Sungurov Residence Family

BLOCK MANUFACTURER: Grinnell Concrete Paving Stones, Inc.


PROJECT LOCATION: Sparta, New Jersey



Throughout 2011, Dr. Max Sungurov and wife Lena had been discussing plans to renovate the outside of their Sparta, New Jersey home. Improving the functionality of their front entrance way as well as enhancing the overall curb appeal were motivating factors for the Sungurov family.

However, due to the couple’s demanding professional schedules, ideas were exchanged but the project never got off the ground.


That was until Dr. Sungrov decided to surprise his wife with a mini homemakeover while she traveled abroad on business.

With no time to spare, Dr. Sungurov interviewed five landscape contractors/ masons for the job—and one of the five bidders clearly set himself apart from his competition.

“Anthony Mann Jr. with the Anthony Group showed up with great energy and professionalism. But most importantly, The Anthony Group offered a unique product,” explained Sungurov.

Mr. Mann presented the Rosetta Outcropping Wall Collection and Dimensional Steps from local Rosetta manufacturer Grinnell Concrete as an alternative to the commonly used SRW’s (segmental retaining walls) found in the marketplace. Instantly, Dr. Sungurov knew he had found the perfect solution for his home. And, even though the Anthony Group did not provide the lowest bid, they were ultimately awarded the job.


Needless to say, Mrs. Sungurov was astonished when she returned from her trip.

“Visitors first comment on the 72 in. by 30 in. Rosetta Dimensional Steps that make for a true grand entrance, followed by the Outcropping retaining wall. Most can’t believe the stone is manufactured,” Lena Sungurov explained.

As the project progressed, other Rosetta products were added to the Sungurov property. A Belvedere Fire Pit, along with Irregular Step benches provide a quaint back yard retreat for the family.

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Products Used in this Project

Outcropping Collection

Dimensional Steps