Give your customers exactly what they want with the help of these technical resources

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an ambitious do-it-yourselfer, we know that you have what it takes to create beautiful landscapes. And we’re here to help out any way that we can. If you’re building walls, steps, patios or firepits, here are the technical resources that you need to install any Rosetta product like a boss.

Everything you need to know about Rosetta in one Technical Guide!

Knowledge is power! The Rosetta Technical Guide has the information you’ll need to install any Rosetta product and look like a genius. You’ll find:

  • Installation instructions

  • Layout patterns

  • Typical cross-sections

  • Construction Details

  • Photos, block specs, packaging details & more

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Technical Resources to help design and install rosetta products

Learn how to clean, seal, and sand wetcast hardscape products

Become a Rosetta Maintenance Expert!

One of the most common questions asked about Rosetta is how to properly seal and treat pavers. Watch the webinar to learn about fundamental differences between maintaining wetcast and drycast pavers, as well as how to solve any further paver issues. 

This webinar covers:

  • Best practices for block cleaning

  • Sealer differences and best practices for all types

  • Best practices for installing polymeric sand

  • And much more!

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More technical resources to help you design and install Rosetta!

The main specifications and data sheets are located in the Rosetta Tech Guide. Below you will find additional details we have available that are not featured in the Guide. 

Specs & Data Sheets

Outcropping & Steps Specifications - PDF

Outcropping DRM - PDF

Freestanding Outcropping Info - PDF

Outcropping Block Schematics - PDF

Outcropping Sample SRWall Data -

Outcropping Block Interface Shear - PDF

Outcropping Paraweb Connection Capacity - PDF

Belvedere Specifications -PDF

Construction Details

Outcropping Gravity Wall - Typical Section - PDF

Outcropping Reinforced Wall - Typical Section - PDF

Outcropping Concrete Backfill - Typical Section - PDF

Outcropping Base Course Installation - PDF

Outcropping Drain Details - PDF

Outcropping Wall Typical Paraweb Strap Connection - PDF

Outcropping Typical Railing Installation - PDF

Outcropping Typical Seawall Detail - PDF

Gas Firepit Installation - PDF

Belvedere & Claremont Fireplace Installation Guide - PDF

Preliminary Wall Height Guides

The International Building Code requires all retaining walls over 4 feet to be designed by a professional engineer, but if you're looking for general construction guidelines for building walls with Rosetta, look no further! 

Click here for Preliminary Height Guides

Outcropping Wall Layout App

If you design or sell Rosetta Outcropping walls, our free Wall Layout App will save you time and money by helping you layout your walls before installation, calculate pallet quantities, and add layouts to your site plan.

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