Am I the only one who hates laying flagstone? 

If I had to choose between laying natural flagstone and doing anything else, I would choose to do literally anything else.

You know as well as I do how painstaking it is to lay natural flagstone: leveling uneven pieces, cutting stones to fit, and throwing away the garbage pieces that you still had to pay for. But man, nothing looks as good as a flagstone walkway meandering through a landscape.

Thankfully, Rosetta has taken all of the things that we love about flagstone and removed all of the things that we hate about it. Rosetta’s Grand Flagstone is molded from actual pieces of random flagstone.

Each piece has the look and feel of natural stone, but with the consistent thickness of concrete pavers. Your feet won’t be able to tell the difference.

Natural looking Rosetta Grand Flagstone is perfect for outdoor patios

And the natural-looking pieces fit into a simple pattern. So even though there are 15 generously-large stones, your customer won’t know that it’s technically not random.

Now there’s no more having to be on your knees leveling every piece, no more cutting stones to make them fit, and no more throwing away pieces that you can’t use.

Do you like the formal look of ashlar-cut slate? Rosetta has you covered there too with Dimensional Flagstone. It’s a six-piece system of squares and rectangles that fit together in a simple, elegant pattern.

All six sizes come on the same pallet, so you don’t have to figure out how much of each size to buy. Best of all, it looks identical to dimensionally-sawn slate. 

Rosetta flagstones save your back, your time, and ultimately, your profit margins! Fill out the form below to start using Rosetta flagstones on your landscape proejcts.


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