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Driveway Transformation

PROJECT NAME: Traverse City Driveway Restoration

BLOCK MANUFACTURER: Rosetta of Michigan

INSTALLER: Peninsula Pavers

PROJECT LOCATION: Traverse City, Michigan



Len Allgaier, owner of Peninsula Pavers, became friends with the owners of this beautiful Traverse City home when he was hired to renovate their backyard landscaping two years ago. “We completely revamped their backyard with natural stone and it looked great. But the front of the house had a stamped ashphalt driveway. The house looked great, but the driveway was awful,” Allgaier said.

According to the owners, the goal of the driveway upgrade was to, “beautify and widen the driveway. We felt that stone would amplify the house even more!”

Searching for a paver to upgrade the curb appeal, the homeowners turned to Allgaier for a solution. “We trust his selective product scrutiny,” they shared.


Knowing that the owners wanted something unique with a natural stone look, Allgaier suggested the new Old Mission Paver Collection from Rosetta.

Old Mission was a great fit for this application because this line of wet-cast permeable pavers features 3 different paver sizes (6 x 9” ; 9 x 9” ; and 12 x 9”) with natural stone texture on top. The consistent dimensions makes Old Mission easier and faster to install than natural stone cobble stones—saving time and money in the installation phase of the project. The versatility of these pavers make it easy to match the aesthetics of any location.

The installation phase really let the skill of the Peninsula Pavers’ crew shine. “When we installed it, we blended 3 different colors,” Allgaier said, “Then, we were able to mix the three sizes to give it more of a random look. There are so many variations to the look when you have those options. The major point here is that the more random it looks, the better. And the look here is phenomenal.

”Peninsula Pavers’ crew was able to install 2600 sq. ft. of pavers quickly. “The better the product it is, the better it goes down—and the better the end product,” Allgaier said. “For me at my company, I’d rather spend a little bit more on a product that’s going to go in easier than to spend more money on labor. One of the finer points of this product is just the ease of installation.”

The owners of the home are equally pleased with how everything turned out. “Everyone who has seen it has said it is beautiful! They really like how it accents the house,” they shared. This spring, they plan to add a “compass rose” accent piece to the driveway.

Products Used in this Project

Outcropping Collection